Freedom Week + Be a Biographer

Freedom Week + Be a Biographer

The Blind Project’s “Be a Biographer” Initiative to be represented at Freedom Week in New York City:

Freedom Week is, ” A coalition of abolitionists working to raise awareness about the 27 million people currently enslaved and/or trafficked here in the U.S. and abroad. Our goal is to fight modern-day slavery by inspiring action and providing opportunities for advocacy.”

The Blind Project is proud to announce that our Be a Biographer initiative is being featured Saturday,  September 25, 2010, at Freedom Week in New York City.

Freedom Week gathers the top-tiered modern day abolitionist organizations from around the world and gives them a platform to tell how we all can be involved to stop modern day slavery.

This year Freedom Week is also featuring Faith Huckel of Restore, Deidre Mars of Not for Sale, and Jonathon Walton of Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship.

This is the second annual Freedom Week, and actually spans two weeks from Saturday, September 25th – Saturday, October 9th.  Freedom Week is experiencing exponential growth, and is increasingly viewed as a relevant and important event.  Their growth is  helped by the quality speakers and artists represented at Freedom Week.  Nicolas Kristof of The New York Times spoke at the first annual Freedom Week in 2009,  which served to  set a standard for quality for future Freedom Week events.

A certain standout for this year’s Freedom Week will take place Friday, October 1st, and is called Shadowlands.  The Freedom Week website describes Shadowlands as , “A modern dance work, created by Sarah Council, which journeys into the world of modern day slavery.  Inspired by the stories of sex trafficking survivors, five dancers move in and out of confining set pieces to the haunting music of Greg Heffernan.”  Recently added to this event is Lamont Hiebert of the band Ten Shekel Shirt.  Lamont will be performing a short acoustic set after Shadowlands is presented.

For more information, please visit the Freedom Week website.

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