REDLIGHT, World Premiere of Film in NYC.  The Blind Project comments…

REDLIGHT, World Premiere of Film in NYC. The Blind Project comments…

Guy Jacobson’s latest film, Redlight, about child sexual exploitation in Southeast Asia premiered tonight in New York City.  Much of The Blind Project Staff call New York City home and were able to attend this World Premiere Event.

Redlight’s website states, “Using footage smuggled out of brothels and harrowing testimonials, Redlight follows the plight of several current and former child sex slaves.  Some are trying to regain entry into Cambodian society to find some semblance of normality after their horrific experiences. Other stories highlight the plight of victims who are attempting to bring the perpetrators to justice. Their torturous yet ultimately heroic battles to find witnesses and take brothel owners to court are dramatically brought to life in this topical and moving feature documentary.”

While the last five years have provided many thoughtful documentaries on the subject of human trafficking, Redlight was the most compelling documentary I have seen. I highly recommend seeing this film, and encourage you to bring anyone interested in knowing more about this form of modern day slavery.
Redlight documented a number of firsthand accounts of boys and girls who have been exploited in the commercial sex trade.  The film also highlighted “Heroes” who fight against traffickers and the corrupt systems that allow this criminal activity to thrive.

I was most moved by a girl who was rescued, but drifted back into the commercial sex trade.  Voluntarily returning to prostitution is too common and something we can all play a vital role in combating.  We need to stand in the gap for these girls. We need to be better at providing holistic restoration. We not only need to provide resources for removing girls from the brothels, but work tirelessly with after care centers to ensure the greatest opportunity for continued freedom.

I am so thankful to say that The Blind Project does just that. Through our sustainable style brand, Biographe, we partner with aftercare facilities to restore the entire person as well as address  key contributing factors, by providing a livable wage and vocational education.

Join us in working together to stop modern day slavery and the selling of precious lives for a handful of dollar bills.

With hope,

Jessica Minhas, The Blind Project

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